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Is Sandy Hook Fake?

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Dis-InfoWars Comment : We'll discuss this soon! Stay tuned.


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  • Paul Rowlandson Friday, 21 December 2012

    The parents were not allowed to see the dead bodies of their children. Fake sherriffs were posted 24/7 at each home of the 20 children. Parents were presented with ashes that were supposed remains of a cremated child. Does any of this strike you as odd?

  • sherry Sunday, 30 December 2012

    I live 7 miles from Sandy Hook Elementary. My next door neighbor was friends with the principle of the school and she went to her wake which was an open casket. As far as the fake sheriffs, I know one of the first responders and he also was one of the police officers that stayed with one of the families that lost a child. So not so sure about it being fake. BUT, I find it very interesting that on 12/21 we had a national day of remembrance, a moment of silence to pray, send love what have you, on the day that has held so much fear about the world ending. I don't think this was by chance! I feel those beautiful souls that died on 12/14 helped to open our hearts and move us more into the light.

  • Charlie C Saturday, 22 December 2012

    Faked or not, people have responded as programed to do. Problem reaction solution. The present is a perfect time to learn better habits and ideals. Walk in nature, turn off the television, and feel from the heart. We can change, and we will.

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